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Bizarre, Short-Lived Superhero Comic Book Costumes That Actually Rule

March 16, 2020 21.5k votes 1.8k voters 25.6k views17 items

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For most superheroes, costume changes are a way of life. Heroes not only step into phone booths to dispense with their civilian duds, but also adopt brand new looks to defeat specific enemies, adapt to environmental changes, or just shake things up for their 400th anniversary specials. 

For classic heroes especially, new costumes tend to be nothing more than a temporary shift from the status quo. Sometimes, however, a costume change can signal a major plot development or even a new face behind the mask. There are even times when alternate superhero costumes become more popular than the originals. Below is a round up of some of the best alternate costumes in comic books. Vote up the ones that truly stand out.