23 Of The Funniest Possible Alternate Titles For The Han Solo Film

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Vote up the alternate titles for Han's solo feature that show parsecs more creativity than simply "Solo."

When producers announced a spin-off Han Solo film centering on the smuggler's early years, fans expected a better title than they received: Solo: A Star Wars Story. Because the producers clearly decided to be lazy, collected below are alternate titles for Solo that might actually make you want to see it. These better titles for the new Star Wars movie capture the famed rebel's rugged glory, which unfortunately fails to come across with ...A Star Wars Story. Rather than imbuing the humor Solo himself inserts into the series, the current title reads like a rough draft, a placeholder before the final title it rightfully deserves is revealed. Would you have watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch if writers decided to call it Sabrina: Another Archie Comic? Probably not.

Like alternate titles to Star Wars VII, new titles for Solo give you, the fans, a chance to voice your opinion on the framing of this story. Hopefully, the filmmakers take note, because this newest Star Wars already feels more like Star Snores.

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    Ridin' Solo

  • 2

    Han's Solo

  • 3

    Scruffy Lookin'

  • 4

    The Han Dynasty

  • 5

    Life Before Leia

  • 6

    How Solo Can You Go

  • 7

    Idle Hans

  • 8

    Solo And Yolo

  • 9

    Solo: A No-Carbonite Adventure

  • 10

    Embarking On A Solo Career

  • 11

    Big League Chewbacca

  • 12

    The Han That Feeds You

  • 13

    Built Ford Tough

  • 14

    Genghis Han

  • 15

    Flyin' Solo In The Falcon

  • 16

    Han Solo And Gretel

  • 17


  • 18

    Comic Han

  • 19

    Dippin' Solo

  • 20

    Han And Bothered

  • 21

    Wanna Be Han Top?

  • 22

    Heavy Is The Han That Wears The Crown

  • 23

    The Han Is A Solo Hunter

  • 24

    Han Artist