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Alternative Investment Market Member Companies

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A list of Alternative Investment Market companies, including current and former members. The Alternative Investment Market (or AIM) is a sub-market within the London Stock Exchange, created in 1995. In essence, it is a market with somewhat less strict regulations than the main market, designed to stimulate the growth of smaller companies. Over 2,200 companies have participated in the AIM, and the total raised through the system tops $37 billion. Companies that grow significantly may move from the AIM into the Main Market, and conversely, companies from the main market that shrink or fall on hard times will occasionally slip down into the AIM. Because of the more lax regulation system, the AIM has become a popular place for international trading of British companies. This list incorporates all companies that have participated in the AIM, including some that have gone on to leave the system. These are noted when applicable.
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