35 Actors Who Are Creepy No Matter Who They Play

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Even the best actors and actresses can't help the way they look. No matter how skilled they are, or how much make-up they don, there are actors who are always creepy. These seemingly sinister performers may have earned their reputation for creepiness through a career-defining role or, less fortunately, because they frankly just look a little off. No matter the reason, these supremely creepy Hollywood actors will forever make your hair stand on end, even in a sympathetic role.

Some performers on this list weren't always creepy. Christopher Waken and Glenn Close were both the lookers back in the day, and much beloved for compassionate portrayals of sympathetic characters. Hell, even Jack Nicholson was attractive in the golden days of the 1970s, if you can believe that. Over time, these performers have become the kind of creepy actors and actresses that give you the chills, even if they're doing something as simple as brushing their teeth (and actually, you probably should feel creeped out if you're watching someone brush their teeth, because that's f*cking weird). 

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