33 Epic Always Sunny Tattoos That Demonstrate Value

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has had close to a decade of hilarious moments that are perfect for tattooing on your body in order to make new friends, or to keep people without a sense of humor from speaking to you. Always Sunny tattoos can tell you a lot about what kind of fan you're dealing with. If they’ve got a rum ham tattoo, you know they’re full on weird like Frank. But if someone has a tattoo of “The Implication,” you know that should never get on a boat with them. This gallery features the best collection of It's Always Sunny tattoo pictures that you’re ever going to see, unless one of you wild cards goes out and tattoos your entire body to look like one of the McPoyles.

If you’re a huge fan of It’s Always Sunny, and you want to get a tattoo to show your love of the series, take a look at these killer Always Sunny tattoo ideas then go out and get yourself some fresh ink. Whether you’re more of a Mac or a Charlie, there are a few IASIP tattoos on this list that are going to look perfect on your bulging biceps (you've been accumulating mass, right?). The ink on this list ranges from portraits of your favorite characters to one-off jokes that only true fans will understand. Vote up the most epic Always Sunny tattoos below (it's a great way to demonstrate value!), and remember to pay the troll toll on your way out.