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Alyssa Milano started her career as a child star when she landed a lead as Tony Danza's daughter on the ABC sitcom Who's the Boss? From there, Milano spent the next decade of her career trying to separate herself from the innocent girl persona that made her a household name. Some B-list films and a gig on Melrose Place helped Milano launch her next phase of Hollywood stardom as the child star-turned-sex-symbol. After landing her role on Charmed, Milano knew her cult status in Hollywood was solidified. 

Multiple spreads in Maxim and FHM magazines have transformed Milano into a fantasy for men across the world. Her sex life has been on display for the entirety of her adult career. Milano's heavily publicized romances with several MLB boyfriends only added to her fans' disappointment when she finally settled down with her husband, Dave Bugliari. But married life and children haven't stopped Milano from sharing her most salacious and illicit sex life details. In fact, the actress has opened up about how family life has made her feel sexier than ever. In the spirit of sharing what Milano has already put out there herself, here are 13 TMI facts about Alyssa Milano's sex life.
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    She Doesn't Care If You Are Uncomfortable With Her Public Breastfeeding

    My happy place.

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    Alyssa Milano went head-to-head with Wendy Williams over the big public breastfeeding debate. Williams, who quipped that she "[doesn't] need to see that," pushed Milano to the brink, as she is a fierce defender of normalizing breastfeeding. Milano proceeded to try and educate Williams that breasts were intended for breastfeeding, but Wendy brushed it off by calling them "fun bags." The conversation continued into the darkest corners of awkward you can imagine, but Milano continues to advocate for women to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. Milano has also posted breastfeeding selfies to her social media, which initially propelled her into the spotlight on the issue.
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    She Likes Adult Entertainment

    About last night...raising funds for #UNICEF at the #UNICEFBall #MakeaPromise.

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    Maybe this has something to do with that mock sex tape, but Milano isn't embarrassed to admit that she watches porn. And she definitely isn't afraid to admit that she likes it, too. In an advice column she wrote for Esquire, Milano informed the men reading that, "Women like porn, too. We just hate it when you hide the porn." So for future reference, Milano would like you to at least courteously share your Pornhub account login with her next time.

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    She's a Fan of Masturbation

    This is my Baywatch suit. Thank you for all your kind. words of encouragement. #atkinsallday #nofilter

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    Openly admitting that not only do you masturbate, but you masturbate often, is not something most people are interested in revealing. But in the same interview with FHM, Milano had no shame in sharing her love for self-pleasure. Asked how she handles dry spells, she told her interviewer that she, "takes [herself] out on 'dates,' which is what [she] calls masturbation. So [she'll] do the whole dinner thing for [herself, and] draw [herself] a bath."
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    Motherhood Helped Her Embrace Her Sexuality

    Happy Mother's Day! My heart is so full.

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    In an interview, Milano discussed how having children has drastically changed her life and self-perception. Aside from feeling more confident as a mother, Milano said that motherhood has helped her embrace her sexuality. She said, "I think that when you become a mom, you embrace your sexuality more. You're just more comfortable with your body. Also, I think there's a revelation of what your body was meant to do as far as all the miraculous things that we go through biologically when we conceive and carry a baby... I actually became in awe of my body. No matter how it looked."