Real Animals That Literally Have Superpowers

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Since the dawn of the 20th century, man has created a bevy of wonder boys and super powered gals that can do anything under the sun. But would you believe that there are animals walking among us that can pretty much do exactly what our fictional heroes are doing in comic books and on the big screen? It’s always amazing to take a look at the cool things animals can do – from regenerating their limbs, to shooting blood out of their eyes, and even lifting a ton of weight with their face, the animal kingdom is truly full of superheroes. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this list of cool animal facts.

Animals with superpowers are in just about every comic, from Dynomutt the dog wonder, to K9 of Doctor Who fame. But those fictional pups are nowhere near as cool as the super-powered animals that appear on this list. Sure, Dynomutt might be able to fly, but that’s nothing an albatross can’t do. And we’re pretty sure that no fictional animal has the ability to live forever like one of the very special animals on this list. Take a peek at the animals with superpowers that are collected on this list, and think about which animal you’d most like to have in your corner if you saw a big bad coming your way.

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