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Anime Underground 25 Super Yummy Anime Cakes That Are Almost Too Good to Eat  

Jonah Dorrance
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These anime cakes make the perfect conversation pieces for any birthday party, wedding, viewing party, or even your average weekend barbecue. Wildly creative and colorful, the confectionary wonders below feature characters from mainstream shonen titles, nostalgic classics, and many more. The cake artists behind these works of art sculpted, painted, piped, and constructed wonderful delicacies that almost look too good to eat, but in the end look way too delicious to pass up. Sure, complex cakes like these probably took a great deal of time to make, but the baker behind them certainly appreciates you not wasting their food and their time.

While some took a more minimal approach to their cake design, others went all-out, top to bottom. Either way, just like literal cake designs, there is no doubt as to which anime these fans wanted all over their cake. Whether you go professional or homemade, the results will still be a mouth-watering baking masterpiece to show off to friends and family. The best part is, since anime isn’t just for kids, anime cakes certainly aren’t just for kids either.

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Get Spirited Away By This Amazing Cake!

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A Wedding Cake Featuring Fullmetal Alchemist's Popular Duo

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This Tiered Sailor Moon Cake Is Every Magical Girl's Dream


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A Magical Mononoke Cake

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