cool Amazing Drone Footage That Gives You A Completely New Vantage Point Of The World  

Eric Vega
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Aerial photography and filmmaking has exploded in recent years as drones have become more and more common in everyday life. Now, even amateur photographers can take cool drone footage of sporting events, interesting natural phenomenon, nighttime cityscapes, and anything else under the sun. The perspectives captured by aerial cameras are so unique that drone videos of normal things end up looking way more awesome than you would expect.

People around the world are capturing amazing drone footage of everyday events, and that footage can seriously change your views on seemingly mundane things. Whether it's witnessing for yourself the true size of a protest crowd, seeing a tractor harvest a mountain of corn, or experiencing the roaring power of the ocean, aerial film of familiar stuff can take the ordinary and transform it into something extraordinary. This collection of breathtaking drone footage shows just how awe-inspiring everyday life can be.

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Autumn Foliage

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Video: YouTube

What It Is: The changing leaves during autumn in New England.

Why It's Amazing: It's wonderful to see a forest filled with so much color, even though this event happens every year.

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A Volcano

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What It Is: An active volcano on the island of Vanuatu. 

Why It's Amazing: The footage from these drones was used to create a full 3D rendering of the inside of the volcano, a feat that had not been accomplished before.

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A Fireworks Show

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What It Is: A fireworks show like you'd see on the 4th of July.

Why It's Amazing: You can get up close and personal with the explosions without risking injury. This film also highlights the three-dimensional aspect of fireworks.

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What It Is: Dozens of surfers all surfing a pipeline together.

Why It's Amazing: The extreme nature of surfing becomes really clear when you see the size of those waves.