Easter Eggs
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These Easter Eggs Discovered In Real Life Will Make You Way Too Happy

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Though most frequently associated with holidays, video games, and the MCU, Easter eggs pop up in real-world destinations all the time.

Clever real-life Easter eggs add a little something extra to a location, the same way video game Easter eggs bring a little more game to your gameplay experience. What started out as a nondescript, wooden bridge or nameless alley becomes a hidden canvas or fairy grotto all thanks to heartwarming Easter eggs found in real life. IRL Easter eggs, though similar to clever street art pieces, usually hide in plain sight; it requires a bit of effort and more than a cursory eye to pick up on these hidden Easter eggs in real life.

Though a few come with known backstories, most of these amazing IRL Easter eggs popped up without any rhyme or reason, which kinda makes them all the more engrossing. A couple appear from artists like Johan Kalgren, who specializes in turning everyday surroundings into public Easter eggs. Even a number of government and municipal buildings come with their own architectural Easter eggs built right into them. As for the rest of these hidden IRL Easter eggs, it's up to your imagination to deduce where they came from.