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14 Surprising Things Most People Never Learned About Lobsters

When you ask the average person to name their favorite type of animal, they seldom say “large marine crustaceans.” This is unfortunate, though, because lobsters are awesome and they aren’t getting the proper love and respect they deserve. Surely there are people out there other than Colin Farrell who can identify with the amazing lives of lobsters.

There is a multimillion dollar industry centered around the harvesting of these bottom-dwellers, but most people couldn't name any facts about lobsters other than they’re delicious. That’s a shame, because awesome lobsters are so much more than an expensive entree. They can live for decades, grow to incredible sizes, and may even offer solutions for dealing with environmental pollution. Before you write them off as creepy creatures of the sea, consider there may be some things you never knew about lobsters that could completely change your perspective.