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14 Incredible Things You Didn't Know About Mantis Shrimp, Tiny Hulks Of The Sea

There are plenty of amazing ocean animals out there, but one of the more overlooked ones is definitely the mantis shrimp. These stomatopods are an ancient creature that are just as brilliantly colored as they are talented hunters. But they're definitely more than just a pretty face. Along with having a legendary mantis shrimp punch, there are many amazing facts about these sea creatures that definitely put them a cut above the rest. 

Some are brightly colored, while others are far more muted. Some are massive - the size of a small lobster - while others are barely the size of your finger. What's more is that we're still discovering more about this animal, because it is intensely secretive. What we do know about these critters is still enough to turn a few heads. By the end of this, you'll probably agree that they're super amazing, but probably will never want one as a pet, for very good reasons.