This Israeli Artist Makes "Meat Art" That Is Equal Parts Disturbing And Fascinating

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Vote up the best meat sculptures that have you staring in horror and/or wonder.

Roni Landa brings an interesting twist to the world of art in her amazing meat sculptures. Slices of meat pile up in an oddly gorgeous fashion as the strange and awesome meat art by Roni Landa frames itself perfectly in the form of traditional still life. Like oddly satisfying miniatures, Landa's marvelous meat creations are weirdly alluring - you won't be able to tear your eyes away!

Literally digging into the tendons of everything from bouquets of flowers to piles of fruit, Roni Landa peels back the outer skins of familiar kitchen tabletop objects, revealing a new, fleshy inner core comprised of the meat of a living animal. Disturbed? Intrigued? Roni Landa's meaty artwork will both fascinate and creep out anyone who happens to stumble upon it. Check out her artwork below and vote up the most awesome ones that make your jaw drop.