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This Incredibly Sexy Cosplay From Nana Bear Will Prove To You Why She's The Internet's Favorite

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If looking at a lineup of great cosplay from one of the best cosplayers of all time is on your list of things to do today, then you're in for a real treat. Nana Bear is a cosplayer with a knack for putting together cosplay outfits that are artistic, inspired, and often straight creative genius. This beauty boldly displays her costuming skills and talent through a seemingly never-ending barrage of awesome original and mashup cosplay. 

Nana Bear's cosplay knows no bounds and certainly doesn't cut any corners, encompassing everything pop-culture and geek-inspired. From beloved anime and video game icons like Luffy from One Piece and Mei from Overwatch to American TV shows for kids and adults like Spinelli from Recess and Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros, cosplay from Nana Bear is sure to serve you a dish comprised of every nerdy franchise that your heart desires.