Psychedelic Paper Wig Skyscrapers Of Asya Kozina

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If you think your hair is a towering work of art, Asya Kozina's psychedelic paper wigs will make you reevaluate your current cranial creations. An entire world of wonders blooms from the heads of otherwise normal humans thanks to the mind of this marvelous paper sculptor. The artist's elaborate wigs are marvels of engineering and sheer awesomeness that will leave you yearning for a new hair-do.

Your bewildering bouffant or boisterous beehive might seem like it's large and in charge, but it can't compete with Asya Kozina's soaring paper wig art. Her towering wigs cast a literal shadow over most hairstyles, incorporating intricate sculptures, gardens, and detailed environmental scenes. These powerful works are sure to inspire even the most skilled of stylists.