Pokémon Have Some Seriously Badass Mecha Transformations

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Vote up the Pokémon mechas you'd use to take down a Team Rocket hideout.

Behold! A barrage of seriously badass mecha transformations of Pokemon! Bringing the nostalgic video game, anime, and manga franchise into a realm completely comprised of metal and robots, artists 太斗 and derangedhyena use their intense imaginations to creatively teleport these fan-favorite pocket monsters into an awesome biomechanical plane of existence.

Much like in Gundam or Zoids, instead of personal trainers, these Pokémon will need to be equipped with powerful and competent pilots in order to live up to their reputations as unstoppable fighting machines.

By coating the colorful statues of Pokémon in plates of steel and rigging them with weapons meant to take out opponents in one sweep, they reach another level of brutality never before seen in the show! Explore this compelling collection of Pokémon mecha transformations, and don't forget to vote up your favorites.