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Pokemon x Simpsons Is the Mashup You Never Realized You Needed

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Vote up the funniest and most fitting Poké-Simpsons.

Pokémon and The Simpsons have both been the subject of fan art for decades, so it's no surprise that some fans drew inspiration from both worlds to recreate beloved Simpsons characters as Pokémon. This list showcases the amazing Simpsons x Pokémon crossover series from ThumbsDesign, all of which are available to purchase on Etsy. Vote up your favorite Pokémon Simpsons fan art that you'd totally throw a Poké Ball at.

  • 1. Krusty x Mr. Mime

    Krusty x Mr. Mime
    Photo: Etsy
  • 2. Kang x Tentacruel

    Kang x Tentacruel
    Photo: Etsy
  • 3. Ralph x Psyduck

    Ralph x Psyduck
    Photo: Etsy
  • 4. Sideshow Bob x Exeggutor

    Sideshow Bob x Exeggutor
    Photo: Etsy