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13 Rare And Endangered Sharks That Are Pretty Amazing

A wide variety of creatures dwell in the depths of the world's oceans, with sharks being some of the most mysterious. Although there's a vast array of fish in the sea, vulnerable shark species are still falling victim to a number of threats, resulting in rapidly thinning populations - with humans playing a major part in the destruction. According to a study by researchers at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa, ocean acidification is damaging shark populations by corroding the protective scales on the outer layer of their skin. With rare and endangered sharks becoming more scarce, the majority of us would be lucky to catch a glimpse of them in the wild at all. 

Even if you do happen to stumble upon one, you might not even be able to tell that it's a shark at first, as not every shark out there resembles the stereotypical great white. The variety of sharks that reside in the open and coastal waters of the world are all majestic and unique in their own right, with biological oddities proving that nature is just as unusual as it is beautiful.