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The Astounding Movie Art Of Syd Mead, The Guy Who Basically Invented What Sci-Fi Looks Like

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The art and design of Blade Runner artist Syd Mead almost single-handedly shaped the aesthetic of contemporary science fiction. Mead started as a vehicle and architectural designer working first for Ford and then Phillips Electric, contributing to some very recognizable mid-century architecture. In the late '70s, he made the jump to concept design for major motion pictures, most notably sculpting the worlds of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Tron, Blade Runner, Mission Impossible III, Aliens, Johnny Mnemonic, and many more - Mead has even worked on anime. 

The artist just released an awesome new art book full of fantastic Syd Mead art that will astound you with its beauty and fantasy. Art by Syd Mead is truly iconic within and without the science fiction genre; here are some images from it to get yourself pumped about the future that never was. Or, as Mead would put it, "reality ahead of schedule."