Zoos Are Sharing Amazon-Style Customer Reviews Of Their Animals And They Are Hilarious  

Lowe Saddler
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Everyone loves Amazon; you can buy anything from the website and read customer reviews on just about everything. Maybe that's why local zoos and wildlife organizations across the country are using the mega online marketplace to advertise exotic animals.

Truly, the cuddly and aquatic creatures aren't for sale, but when the Oregon Zoo started posting hilarious Amazon-style reviews of fun mammals and amphibians, multiple other animal enthusiasts followed suit. The Minnesota Zoo got in on the action, and so did regular pet lovers. So, if you've ever wanted to know how well a baby turtle might perform if dropped in a pond, the Oregon Zoo has an Amazon review to give you all the details. They even rated the tiny reptile with a series of stars, just to make things more fun. You may have never realized that kangaroos, crocodiles, and crooked teeth bats all need fun reviews, but once you read these Amazon-like descriptions you'll never question the necessity again.

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