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20 Cool Gadgets Under $100 On Amazon

Updated October 15, 2020 3.7k views20 items

Searching for a great gift on Amazon? Here are great gift ideas under $100 on Amazon. There are a variety of great things on Amazon under $100. Whether you are looking for a new tablet, speakers, or something fun to play around with, this list of Amazon items under $100 has something for everyone!

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    Document great memories in an instant with this Fujifilm camera! This camera auto-adjusts and has a selfie-mode, so that your pictures come out perfect! It comes in 5 different colors to match whatever your vibe is. Don't forget to purchase film!

    Get your Fujifilm camera here!

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    Protect your home with this Ring doorbell! It is motion-activated and notifies you when someone is at your doorstep. Set up is super simple, all you have to do it connect it to WiFi and mount it!

    Get the Ring doorbell for your home here!

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    Turn your home into a movie theater with this projector! It is a great way to add dimension to any space. This projector is easy to use and connects to your smartphone. With over 23,000 ratings, it has 4.4 stars. 

    Get this projector here!

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    This air purifier has over 10,900 ratings, for an overall 4.7 stars and has earned the #1 best seller badge on Amazon. This filter will trap allergens, pet hair, dusk, smoke and other air pollutants to provide a safe environment for you and your family. It has a timer for 2/4/6/8 hours and filter lifetime indicator for your convenience. It comes in black and white to match the feel of your space. 

    Get this air purifier here!