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26 of the Coolest Things You Didn't Know About Amazon Prime

Updated 26 Mar 2020 1.4m views26 items

If you’ve been using Amazon for years, you probably know all of these Amazon Prime hacks. But if you’re still mastering the wonders of the online shopping site, or just opened your account and are looking for a deal or excellent gift, this list of Amazon Prime tricks is full of helpful info.
Discount codes, money back comparison shopping, and automatic charity donations are a nice addition to peaceful and easy browsing (maybe on your couch, in your sweatpants... who will ever know?). Because Amazon gift cards never expire, find out how to make the most of small leftovers from prepaid cards and use your Wish List in an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar retailer for budget savvy comparative shopping. Another of the top Amazon Prime tricks deals with how to share a membership within your household.
Do you shop for the holidays all year round or just can’t resist a good deal? Discover great deals in Amazon’s virtual outlet store. From scratch and dents to overstock, there are lots of items to snap up for that special occasion or as a little treat for yourself.  
As Amazon builds several hundred brick-and-mortar stores and dances on the bones of vanquished bookstores, you can take some comfort in these Amazon Prime hacks. For instance, to snag those deeply discounted add-on items, try preordering something for at least $25. Want to save on shipping and get video credit? There's a Prime trick for that, too.
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