Unspeakable Times

Their Marriage Ended With Shattered Glass And A Fall From A Skyscraper

Stories about women who murder their husbands tend to capture the public's attention, and the tale of Amber Hilberling defenestrating her husband Josh is no exception. In June 2011, Amber pushed Josh from a 25th story window in their Tulsa apartment. The two had been married for a year, and their relationship was tumultuous from the start. With a long history of both substance and physical abuse, the couple was in the process of splitting when the tragedy occurred. To pile onto the disaster and sadness of the catastrophe, Amber took her life in jail several years after Josh's death, leaving the couple's son, Levi, parentless.

Was Josh's death a genuine mishap, or was it one of those killings that only looks like an accident? The facts about the murder of Amber Hilberling's husband made many question what truly happened in this Tulsa couple's troubling relationship.