26 Celebrities Who Are Ambidextrous

This list contains information about ambidextrous celebrities and is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, musicians, historical figures, and athletes are ambidextrous. Some of these celebrities were born with the ability to use both hands equally, while others were born with a dominant hand and trained themselves to become ambidextrous. Even one of the founding fathers was ambidextrous!

Who is the most famous person who is ambidextrous? Adam Levine tops this list. He reportedly writes and draws with his left hand, but uses his right for most other activities. Basketball player LeBron James thinks of himself as left handed, but he often shoots with his right. He has also been seen signing autographs with both his left and right hand. Tennis star Maria Sharapova has been to known to use both hands. 

Several famous people throughout history have also been ambidextrous. Benjamin Franklin was ambidextrous, but he signed the Declaration of Independence with his left hand. Albert Einstein was ambidextrous, as was artist Leonardo da Vinci, who used both of his hands when creating art and writing, as he injured his dominant right hand during childhood.

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