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18 Awesome Ambigram Tattoos That'll Make You Look Twice

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If you're wondering what exactly an ambigram is, trust us - you're not alone. It sounds a little bit like a fancy cookie, or a way to measure drugs, but it's actually neither of those things! An ambigram is a word or phrase that spells one thing when you view it right side up, and another thing when you look at it upside down. It's an incredibly delicate art form - one wrong move, and one side of the ambigram could look totally weird and illegible.  

Some examples you see here have deep meanings ascribed to them; like, what is life without death? What is destiny without choice? What is peace without hate? Some examples you'll see are perfect mirror ambigrams, which means that they spell the same word upside down as right side up. Either way, these are awesome works of art that probably took a lot of time and effort to design. Neat! 

What's the coolest ambigram tattoo you've seen? Are you looking for inspiration for your own tattoo? Vote up the coolest ambigram tattoos below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
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