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Visited by millions each year, America's best beach boardwalks combine the fresh outdoor air of the beach with the elegance of shopping and dining, all in one location. From locations in California all the way to Maine and everywhere in between, these beach boardwalks are the best of the best in the United States.

There is so much to do at the beach, and it's not always in the sand and the waves. Sometimes the biggest attraction is what's alongside the actual beach itself. Boardwalks are pedestrian (and bike) friendly streets with food, shopping and all kinds of culture just waiting for you to enjoy. Though beaches are usually a top travel destination among visitors, don't forget to check out their just-as-amazing boardwalks.

Two types of boardwalks make this list, those on the ocean, which is the majority of the top spots, and those on large lakes. The majority are on the ocean, including top contenders like the boardwalks in Brooklyn, New York, Santa Cruz, California, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, but one Michigan town also makes the cut. St. Ignace, located on Lake Huron in Northern Michigan, brings the ocean feel to the midwest.

Whether it's fresh water or salt water, these beach boardwalks are favorites for local residents looking to relax or visitors alike. So next time instead of visiting one of the top 10 beach cities, try one of these beach boardwalk cities instead.

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