The Most Underrated Cities in America

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Cities that are well-loved and are not obvious tourist destinations or big cities

When you think of the coolest American cities, you probably imagine places like Los Angeles and New York. But there is so much more to this great nation than those giant hubs of travel and culture. In fact, some of the USA's most underrated cities have just as much to offer, without the hassle of millions of people and tons of traffic. For travelers who want to experience some of the best towns America has to offer, there's no better place than these oft-neglected gems. 

The more up and coming cities in the US may get overlooked at first, but dive deeper and you'll see that they are definitely worth your time. So which are the most underrated cities in America? Baltimore, Maryland, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Houston, Texas are a few that deserve some love. They may not be quite as big as LA or NYC, but they've got just as much architectural beauty, awesome nightlife, and interesting people as any major metropolitan area.

From Portland, Oregon in the west to Providence, Rhode Island in the east, make sure to put these great, underrated cities on your must-visit list.
Most divisive: Portland
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