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14 Creepy Cases Of American Cannibals Who Ate Their Victims

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It's not a comforting thought, but there have been cannibals in America. Cannibalism is often associated with far-flung places. As in most developed cultures, eating the flesh of our own species is seen as the ultimate taboo. Yet American killers who ate people have come and gone, while ordinary citizens in extraordinary situations have eaten the remains of other humans.

America, even in its relatively short history, has seen more than its fair share of man-eaters. Many were acts of desperation in survival situations, as acts of cannibalism usually are. People lost at sea, adrift on life boats for weeks or people trapped in snow-choked mountain passes, or in villages short of food in winter. Just as many others have been acts of madness perpetrated by killers who when even further than murder. There's even one case of simple curiosity. 

So read on, and get your fill of American cannibals, if you dare.

  • Photo: Philadelphia Police Department / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Heidnik was a serial killer and rapist who abducted at least six women, then held them captive in his basement dungeon before killing them. During that time, he would repeatedly rape and torture them both physically and psychologically. One method of which involved feeding his victims a mixture of dog food and the ground-up remains of the last woman he killed. Heidnik himself consumed some of his victims. Of the eight he captured, two survived when they were rescued by police. 

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    Probably the most notorious American serial killer of the 20th century, Jeffrey Dahmer perpetrated all manner of graphic horrors on his victims, including gruesome medical experimentation and necrophilia. In addition to other body parts he kept as trophies, Dahmer ate pieces of at least one victim, keeping the remainder in his refrigerator for regular snacks. He may have even tricked an unknowing neighbor into consuming human flesh, freely giving her a sandwich of unknown composition.

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  • Omaima Aree Nelson

    Originally from Egypt, Omaima was a model who ritualistically murdered her husband on Thanksgiving Day 1991 with a pair of scissors, then proceeded to eat him for dinner. First, she cut him into pieces with an electric carving knife, then she boiled his hands to remove his fingerprints. She then deep-fried them, cooked his head in the oven and grilled his rib cage with some barbecue sauce.

    But why? As it turns out, her history included no small amount of sexual abuse. As a child living in Cairo, Omaima had been the victim of genital mutilation. As an adult, she was raped by her husband on the day of his murder. In mental and physical agony, she responded murderously.

  • Stanley Dean Baker

    Baker was a Satanic cultist of the "Four Pi" movement who admitted to police in 1970 that he performed several human sacrifices, which apparently included some degree of cannibalism. He told the officer "I have a problem," while holding human fingers "I'm a cannibal." Baker went to prison, where it is reported he continued proselytizing on behalf of his Dark Lord.