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Who Would Star In An Americanized 'Game Of Thrones'?

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The world of Game of Thrones is overflowing with classic fantasy tropes, from the mysterious influence of sorcery to the storied blades strapped to practically every character's hip. Like almost every other fantasy movie or TV show ever made, the cast primarily consists of British and European actors, which makes perfect sense for Westeros. George R.R. Martin openly talks about the historical inspirations for Game of Thrones, which mostly come from the Middle Ages and other periods of European history.

The cast is one of the show's biggest strengths, as the mostly under-the-radar actors and actresses fully embody the rich characters that populate the castles and villages of Westeros. The cast is so strong across the board that it's hard for fans to think of anyone else playing beloved characters like Arya Stark or Jorah Mormont. But...

What if they remade Game of Thrones?

Hollywood studios are never shy about remaking or rebooting successful franchises, and HBO is working on at least one series that will continue to explore the history of Westeros. Based on how many people have watched and rewatched early seasons of Game of Thrones, plenty of fans would certainly be interested in a reboot. An Americanized remake would be an even bigger swing, and it opens the door to a ton of potential casting what-ifs. If someone did make a version of Game of Thrones with American actors, there are plenty of established and up-and-coming stars who could bring something new to the roles.