American Celebs Who Were in Asian Commercials

We may have laughed at Bill Murray's character pushing the Suntory whiskey brand in Lost in Translation, but the practice of putting American celebrities in Asian ads is actually pretty common. Just take a look at our list of American celebs who were in Japanese or other Asian commercials.

While most of these ads never appeared in America, you're not out of luck - most of the commercials featuring celebs in Asian ads have been stashed away in the deepest corners of the Internet. And stashed for good reason. We’re not surprised that actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlize Theron might not want to advertise the fact that they make the list of celebrities in Japanese commercials. Why? Because their ads are just plain weird and bizarre.

Celebs in Asian commercials have done it all – they sing, they play piano, they flirt with triplets – and that’s just Nicolas Cage in the Sankyo ads. From Jim Beam to Lux, and Honda to Edwin Jeans, it seems that Hollywood celebrities in Japanese ads have been asked to do it all. Brad Pitt head-bangs, lays on a couch, and seemingly has a seizure; Cindy Crawford wields a sword; and Harrison Ford is a fiend for Kirin Beer. None of it makes much sense, but that's what to expect from celebs in Japanese commercials.

So check out our list of celebrities in Asian commercials and be warned, you’re in for some supremely bizarre moments.