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25 Fun Facts About the Voices of American Dad

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American Dad is often referred to as the redheaded stepchild of adult animated shows. It may not pull in the big numbers that some of its comrades do, but it is still hilarious in its own right. Whether you love the liberal antics of Hayley, the staunch conservatism of Stan, or just want to chill out with smooth R&B and Steve, there's something for everyone on American Dad.

The voice actors behind the characters might be familiar to you if you're a fan of animated television series and films. On top of the MacFarlane siblings voicing their respective characters, you also have names like Scott Grimes, Dee Bradley Baker, and Patrick Stewart. Some guest voice actors on American Dad have even been A-list actors, such as Kim Kardashian, Burt Reynolds and Brian Cranston.

American Dad might not have the clout that The Simpsons or South Park has, but it's been cancelled one time less than Family Guy, and is enjoying a nice little spot over on TBS. The cast members even say they like it better that way; it gives them more freedom with less pressure.

Before you run over and binge watch the first eight seasons of American Dad, check out these fun facts about the characters, the show, and the voices behind it all. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section!
  • Steve Is Nothing Like Neil Goldman

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    Steve was originally set to be voiced Ricky Blitt. In his original iteration, Steve was gawky, awkward, and overall dorky, much like Family Guy's Neil Goldman. Before the show aired, the character's voice was changed to that of Scott Grimes, and Steve was made to be more attractive.

  • The Cast Was Excited to Move to TBS

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    After departing from Fox and making the move to TBS, the cast was thrilled to learn that they could now cuss more. As Rachael MacFarlane put it, "we get the freedom to say shit twice and douchebag in every episode."

  • Patrick Stewart Is the Only Cast Member to Have Been Nominated for An Award

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    Patrick Stewart is the only voice actor on American Dad to have been nominated for an award. Unfortunately, he didn't win, but there's always next year! 

  • It's a Trap! Featuring American Dad

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    Largely because of the shared producers and voice actors, several American Dad characters were featured heavily in the Family Guy episode, "It's a Trap." This meant that viewers got to listen to Seth McFarlane's vast array of character voices.