America's Richest Families | Rich American Family Names

America's richest families and family lines. These are the rich families in America that have lived the American dream and now are at the top the world. They have nearly limitless amounts of money and the power that comes with that is not to be underestimated. These American families were the ones that succeeded and whether it was through luck or hard work they are where they are today because of the good decisions of their ancestors. Are you related to one of the richest American families? It's fun to dream.

Although you may never be a part of one of America's richest families you can always strive to create your own. The American dream is not dead and if you set your mind to it what you can accomplish is limitless. Being rich in America means you need to make money so focus on skills that bring in the dough. Being a professional sports player brings in a lot of money but it's really hard to do. Your best bet is probably to study business and become an entrepreneur. The risks are high but it is the American way and if you succeed you may get your family name on this list. Either way don't give up and always go for what you want. If these families are any example then it is clear that you too can achieve you dreams.

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  • Walton family

    Walton family

  • Koch Family

    Koch Family

  • Cargill Family

    Cargill Family

  • Mars Family

    Mars Family

  • Cox Family

    Cox Family

  • Pritzker Family

    Pritzker Family