15 America Foods Everyone Should Try At Least Once, According to Americans

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Americans: vote up the foods that all tourists (and your fellow Americans) should try.

No matter where are you from or how fancy your palete is, these Americans insist that you should try some common American dishes. If you're just visiting the USA or if you've lived there your whole life, you should be aware of what to eat in the United States. Read on and vote up the best American foods to try.

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    Southern Cornbread

    From Redditor u/lana7349:

    Cornbread, not northern attempts at cornbread either, go to a southern restaurant, also sweet tea in the south is quite different to the north.

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    All-American Breakfast Diners

    From Redditor u/itsCS117:

    Breakfast Diners, especially shredded hash browns with eggs & toast.

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    A Cheeseburger From A "Non-Chain" Restaurant

    From Redditor u/MrJeromeParker:

    A cheeseburger from a "non-chain" restaurant. The best burgers I've had have been from bars/cafes. Monk's is technically a chain but dammit are the burgers good and grilled on a bed of onions. If you see a Monk's, go in.

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    Southern Fried Chicken

    From Redditor u/lexi0917:

    Southern food staples: fried chicken, barbecue, cornbread, greens, crispy pig ears.

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    Philly Cheesesteak

    From Redditor u/nebraskajone:

    Philly cheese steak.

    Also, avoid all the chain restaurants, they are complete garbage.

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    Chicken And Waffles

    From Redditor u/8dogsinatrenchcoat:

    Chicken and waffles.

    Like, real chicken and waffles. I know it sounds like a strange combination but it's SO GOOD.

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