America These Posts Show How The American Healthcare System Truly Operates  

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For a country that bills itself as the greatest in the world, US healthcare could stand a bit of improvement.

Healthcare in the United States continues to be a hot-button issue for politicians, even though the majority of American citizens support a single-payer system (wherein all US residents would be covered under the same, government-funded plan). Regardless of your stance on healthcare in America, it is unarguable that some things are terribly wrong with the US healthcare system. 

The US government's endless back-and-forth regarding the issue has left citizens exasperated by their leaders' lack of action. In retaliation, people have begun to create pictures that accurately describe the American healthcare system. These healthcare memes and pictures highlight the frustrations felt in a nation where proper coverage is never guaranteed, even for insured people.

While the push for universal healthcare is predominantly opposed by ridiculous conservatives (the ones who believe that the government should stay out of health-related matters, unless the issue is specifically about women's health), everyone can agree on a few of the healthcare system's blunders. After all, it's unlikely that anyone believes the victim of a drunk driving accident should be made to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

Perhaps if the US spent less money on national defense and more on funding other departments, the state of our nation might finally begin to improve. Looking at how American healthcare compares to the rest of the world's systems presents ample opportunity for learning, if only we're willing to listen. 

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Aetna Better Watch Out


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Viva España

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Breaking Bad Could Only Take Place In The US


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The Paul Ryan Platform

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