The 'American Horror Story' Actors We Most Want To Keep Coming Back

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Vote up the 'AHS' actors you most want to see return over and over.

I's time to obsess over the many actors who have defined American Horror Story over more than 10 seasons of mayhem. 

The creepy - and brutal - anthology series, which has tackled everything from nefarious asylums to murderous hotels to even the Apocalypse itself, is like a candy store for its recurring company of actors who get to come back over and over again to play completely different roles. 

Some have done multiple seasons, others have done just a few episodes, and still others have only made a single appearance, but it's time for fans to rate who they most want to come back again and again. Choose wisely, AHS fans - or else.

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  • Evan Peters
    2,479 votes

    Perhaps one of the most versatile AHS actors, he always brings a quiet creepiness to everything he does.

  • Jessica Lange
    2,505 votes

    Whether playing a bitter neighbor or a master witch, Lange quickly became an AHS favorite.

  • Kathy Bates
    2,390 votes

    Misery was only an appetizer for Bates's twisted AHS characters, including the infamously murderous Delphine LaLaurie.

  • Sarah Paulson
    2,489 votes

    Paulson has played them all: villains, victims, and even a circus performer with two heads.

  • Denis O'Hare
    2,248 votes

    If the AHS universe could cultivate the perfect "character actor," O'Hare might be it. 

  • Frances Conroy
    2,294 votes

    From the first season on, Conroy has shown a compelling mix of darkness and vulnerability.