All The Ways American Horror Story: Cult Connects To Previous Seasons Of The Show

American Horror Story Season 7 may be set in present-day America, but the Internet is filled with speculation about the the ways AHS: Cult connects to other seasons, all set everywhere from 1950s Florida to 16th-century Roanoke. 

The most obvious connection between AHS: Cult and the preceding seasons is the return of fan favorite Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch). In Season 4, Freak Show, Twisty was a lovable children's entertainer turned chin-less monster who died and was spirited away to the evil freak show afterlife. In Season 7, Twisty appears only as a comic book character - or does he?

Fans have uncovered other, more subtle connections to past seasons on AHS: Cult, including some that may explain who or what are the killer clowns. From murderous toddlers to an eerily familiar butcher's apron, we round up all the references to other seasons of American Horror Story in Season 7.