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Evan Peters Interviews That Are Just As Chaotic As His American Horror Story Roles

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From the very beginning (as far back as Murder House!) Evan Peters has always been a fan favorite member of the American Horror Story Cast. He's got it all: good looks, mad acting skills, and a bevvy of absolutely psychotic characters to embody and entertain us with. Despite him so often playing despicable people, from the tragic Tate Langdon, to the fanatical Kai, to even real life monsters like Charles Manson, the fandom can't help but fall at his feet with every new appearance.

As for Evan Peters himself, he's much more pleasant and kind than any AHS character. But he does still have a bit of chaotic energy about him, best seen in these funny interviews and quotes gathered below. So enjoy this hilarious dose of Evan, and don't forget to vote up the moments you love best!