'American Horror Story' Plot Holes We Still Have Questions About

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Since 2011, American Horror Story has been creeping out audiences with tantalizing tales of ghosts, witches, and satanic murderers. Each season has its own vibe, a few true stories, and small details that turn longtime viewers into conspiracy theorists. But it's also a show full of gaping plot holes.

Every season - from Murder House to 1984 - has at least a couple of weird moments that can't be explained by logic. Some of these plot holes concern supernatural physics, and others just feel like questions to which we'll never have answers. None of these plot holes make the show bad by any means. If anything, they give fans something to talk about while waiting for the next sick season of this never-ending horror anthology.


  • Who Is That Fourth Langdon Child? What Happened To Her Eyes?
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    Who Is That Fourth Langdon Child? What Happened To Her Eyes?

    American Horror Story: Apocalypse

    Fans of American Horror Story have had questions about Constance Langdon's fourth child from the moment she mentions her offspring way back in Murder House. Audiences get a close look at three of her children - Tate, Adelaide, and Beauregard - throughout Apocalypse, but in the episode "Return to Murder House," the fourth Langdon offspring finally appears. Maybe.

    When the ghost of Constance Langdon leaves the Murder House, she does so with a young woman named Rose who has her eyes gouged out. The last time we see Constance, she looks at peace with this mysterious girl, but it's not clear who she is. Why bring up the fourth child if she doesn't have a storyline?

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  • What Happened To The Alien Children With Powers?
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    What Happened To The Alien Children With Powers?

    American Horror Story: Asylum

    What's happening with the aliens in Asylum? They aren't main characters by any stretch of the imagination, but they do love meddling in the affairs of everyone on the show, especially Grace and Kit. After Grace takes a bullet for Kit, the aliens abduct her, then return her the moment she goes into labor with Kit's child.

    The aliens clearly have a thing for Kit (they pick him up after he's diagnosed with pancreatic cancer) - but what about his kids? Are the babies part alien? Are they genetically predisposed to being abducted? The only clues the audience has about these kids arrive in Apocalypse, sort of. During that season, the characters Emily and Timothy are introduced, and both have special DNA that allows them to survive a nuclear bomb.

    Are they human-alien hybrids? Are they related to Kit? Are Kit's children somewhere out there also surviving nuclear explosions? Someone needes to explain what's happening with these kids.

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  •  Who Is The Antichrist Now?
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    Who Is The Antichrist Now?

    American Horror Story: Apocalypse

    According to American Horror Story lore, the Antichrist is conceived through the union of a spirit and a human. After Tate impregnantes Vivien in Murder House, she gives birth to Michael, the first male Supreme and Antichrist. The season ends with Mallory traveling back in time to run over Michael with a car, making sure he can't destroy the world.

    Antichrist averted? Not so. Newcomers Timothy and Emily, who both have alien DNA, meet in this new version of the present, and years down the line, Emily gives birth to a child that attracts the attention of the Church of Satan. There's no real conclusion to this story, which means viewers can look forward to seeing more of this mystery child.

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  • Where Did Scáthach Go?
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    Where Did Scáthach Go?

    American Horror Story: Roanoke

    Scáthach is one of the creepiest aspects of Roanoke, but she just sort of disappears toward the end of the season with little to no fanfare. Throughout the season, this supreme witch of the dark arts carries out ritual sacrifices, seduces hapless men, and looks stunning in animal guts - but what happens to her when everything is said and done?

    The last time the audience sees her, she's offering Lee Harris a boar's heart - the same thing she did to the Butcher hundreds of years ago. In 2016, series creator Ryan Murphy said Lady Gaga's character is deeply important to the mythology of the series, so it's likely the audience will see her again. 

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  • What Happened To The Murder House Gang After The Time Travel?
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    What Happened To The Murder House Gang After The Time Travel?

    American Horror Story: Apocalypse

    When Apocalypse comes to an end, the timeline has been set straight and the day has been saved by Mallory, but by saving the world, she may have messed with the peace achieved by the ghosts in Murder House

    During Apocalypse, Madison and Behold pop over to the Murder House so they can learn a thing or two about Michael Langdon. While they're on the premises, they're able to give Moira the maid peace by moving her bones to be with the corpse of her mother, and they even get Violet and Tate back on speaking terms. 

    It's not clear if any of this sticks when Mallory resets the timeline (a lot of viewers think not), but medium Billie Dean does mention that spirits are aware of the two timelines.

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  • What Happened To Oz?
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    What Happened To Oz?

    American Horror Story: Cult

    Throughout Cult, Oz is caught in the middle of a whirlpool of post-election chaos when his mothers Ally and Ivy become involved in local politics and the Fear Is Truth cult. Oz's guinea pig is killed in a microwave, Ivy is poisoned by Ally, and he's forced to confront extreme violence at a severely young age.

    The last time the audience sees Oz, he's being brainwashed into accepting that cult leader Kai is his biological father (this is before Kai is murked on live TV), and he seems okay that the only other parent he knows has been killed. This kid's brain is scrambled. If anyone in the AHS universe deserves to have their story pursued, it's Oz.

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