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Everything We Know About Season 10 Of 'American Horror Story'

Though shrouded in mystery, the 10th season of American Horror Story is already shaping up to be a doozy. From its confirmed cast of fan-favorites (as well as a left-field series newbie from the big screen) to its ominous teaser that sets a mood while revealing nothing, fans of the anthology series are counting down the months until the premiere.

Theories about what will take place in American Horror Story Season 10 abound - here's everything we know.

  • November 11, 2020: Ryan Murphy Reveals The Official Season 10 Poster


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    The official poster for American Horror Story Season 10 came courtesy of Ryan Murphy's Instagram, an ever-reliable source for hints and clues to the series' upcoming narrative. Although this image doesn't reveal too much, it does expand on the teaser image Murphy shared in August 2020, featuring shark-like human teeth. What is the significance of the tongue tattoo, though?

  • August 28, 2020: Ryan Murphy Drops A New Clue About Season 10

    After temporarily shutting down production in April 2020 over COVID-19 concerns, series creator Ryan Murphy announced that the cast and crew would reconvene in October 2020. Alongside this announcement, Murphy included a picture of sharp teeth inside what appears to be a human mouth, and confirmed that the image was a clue to Season 10's plot. Are these vampire fangs? Or perhaps they are shark related, given the supposed beach setting of the upcoming season, as well as the rumors of the Jaws-related Lady of the Dunes narrative.

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    April 3, 2020: Murphy Announces That Production Is Paused Due To COVID-19

    Production on American Horror Story Season 10 seemed to be rolling along at full speed in early March 2020, with a teaser, a cast announcement, and a general theme reveal. That changed as the month wore on, however, as did many people's lives and schedules thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. 

    In an interview with USA Today, showrunner Ryan Murphy said, 

    I was supposed to start shooting the new season of American Horror Story and the new season of American Crime Story: Impeachment this week. That obviously is not happening... 

    The pandemic's spread has impacted every corner of the globe, and Hollywood is no exception. After COVID-19 officially became a pandemic on March 11, 2020, many US states shut down non-essential gatherings and businesses to facilitate social distancing - movie sets and TV productions were among these.

    Murphy said of the change: 

    What I'm trying to do is make sure that my cast and crew hear from me and feel taken care of and know that there's someplace they can turn, because it's a dark time and a scary time for so many people. I just want to make sure all my people feel safe.

  • March 6, 2020: The Show's Production Company Scouts Locations In Provincetown, MA

    The Tourism Director of Provincetown, MA, Anthony Fuccillo, told Wicked Local that Ryan Murphy Productions and 20th Century Fox Television applied for permits to film American Horror Story in the Cape Cod beachside town in late March and April of 2020.

    Location scouts have been spotted around town, and while no specific locations have been announced as of March 6, the company did apply to film in a local cemetery.

    Once story that some fans theorize might appear in Season 10 is the Lady of the Dunes, an unidentified woman whose remains were found on a Provincetown beach in 1974. Her hands were missing and some of her clothing - a pair of jeans and a bandana - was folded beneath her head.

    Author Joe Hill even proposed a theory that the mysterious woman appeared as an extra in Jaws, which filmed very near where her remains were found.