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Small, Creepy Details Fans Noticed In 'American Horror Story'

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Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's dark, disturbing fever dream known as American Horror Story has been providing fans with hidden details ever since the pilot episode. As an eager audience awaits the upcoming season, folks on Reddit have gone ever deeper, hunting down and finding interesting tidbits, cool hidden details, and Easter eggs galore. Here are a few favorites. 

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    Foot Foreshadowing

    Photo: FX

    Posted by u/salamanca2792:

    In American Horror Story: Freak Show, before you are introduced to their deformity, you can see the conjoined sisters have one foot with painted toes and one naked, foreshadowing their opposite personalities.

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    Campfire Coffee Company

    Photo: FX

    Posted by u/Veronicajames00:

    I just re-watched Hotel and noticed Liz stores Donovan's ashes in a Campfire Gold coffee tin, which is the coffee company Elsa filmed a commercial for in Freak Show. 

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    Photo: FX

    Posted by u/duckyduh:

    In American Horror Story: Asylum, the woman about to give Lana an abortion calls her Jane. Jane was the name of an illegal abortion-providing group in the mid 1960s - early 1970s, and Jane was their "everyday woman" name to keep the providers anonymous.

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    Danielle Levesque

    Photo: FX

    Posted by u/timothyhiggins:

    Nice nod to Season 1 in Season 5...

    I noticed in the Devil's Night episode, Richard Ramirez checks in and when he does he signs beneath the name "Danielle Levesque." Hadn't heard of that name as another serial killer, so did a bit of research and as it turns out, in Season 1, a character named Danielle Levesque was part of the Westfield High shooting that Tate took part in in Season 1. She was one of the victims.

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