American Horror Story's Most WTF Insane Moments

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Television's most reliable source for murder and mayhem, American Horror Story has delivered consistently terrifying nightmare fuel more than six seasons now. With so much content for TV viewers to choose from, it's not easy to stand out, but Ryan Murphy, FX, and a cast of repeat and new actors have all managed to create squirm-inducing, spit-take demanding, holy-crap-on-a-cupcake moments of crazy cinematic television bliss year after year.

The FX horror series has become a force on television and is certainly one of the creepiest TV shows of all time. With Jessica Lange, Connie Britton, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson bringing the show's creepy characters to life, few TV shows have the ability to get quite as crazy and out there as AHS.

Set in a multitude of creepy settings, each season has been unique, but equally twisted. Between Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel, Roanoke, and now Cult, picking favorite moments from the show is no easy feat. Here are a few of the show's scenes that had viewers gasping, cringing, recoiling, and screaming. Relive them, if you dare, and if you don't, make sure to check out these other shows like American Horror Story!



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    The Addiction Demon Seeks Its Fix

    The Hotel Cortez is full of nightmares but few are as spine-chilling as the faceless Addiction Demon. Only popping up a handful of times in AHS: Hotel, the first time we see this harrowing creature is in the first episode "Checking In." Max Greenfield's character, Gabriel, is shooting up in Room 64 when the demon appears from the room's dark corner... wearing a huge metal conical dildo. He flips Gabriel over and, well, the rest is easy to imagine.

    This is one of those instances where the show need not reveal the level of carnage that ensued. Our minds can certainly fill in the blanks and its enough to lose sleep over for a while. 

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    Hillbilly Kids And Their Swine Babysitter

    AHS: Roanoke is set entirely in the back woods of Virginia, so it shouldn't be that surprising that backwoods folk play a large part of the scares in that season. The Polk family that terrorize Shelby and Matt in their new home are certainly upsetting for many reasons, but few glimpses into just how backwoods this psychotic family are is more "eww"-inducing than when Flora, Shelby, and Matt stumble across two dirty hillbilly boys suckling at a large pig's teat on a farm.

    Pigs have long played a significant role in American Horror Story, but this may have been the first time viewers were left thinking, "You did that pig wrong, AHS."

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    Mother-Son Incest Where the Son is also a Frankenstein

    We wouldn't be surprised if Ryan Murphy and his band of scary-makers have three jars full of paper slips that read things like "incest" and "hunk" and "Frankenstein monster" (yes, we know "Frankenstein" is the name of the doctor and not the monster). Put those three together and you get this strange turn of events from Coven wherein dead, reanimated hunk Kyle goes back home only to be juiced and seduced by his own damn mother.
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    Violet Makes a Somewhat Shocking Discovery

    Violet Harmon experienced a YA-grade romance with ghost-hunk Tate, but it was the revelation of her true fate that came as a notable shocker. There's nothing worse than discovering you're dead and your body is in the crawlspace. That's exactly what Violet experienced - forcing the Harmons to stick around in the Murder House to be closer to their daughter. Everybody go check right now and make sure you are not dead.