12 American Idol Finalists Who Just Went Back To Totally Normal Jobs

Not everyone wins American Idol. Not even the winners win American Idol, as their records flop and their 15 minutes of fame elapse. So what's a talented, but non-chart-topping singer to do? For these American Idol finalists, real jobs were the answer. This list shows American Idol finalists after the show and back in the everyday workforce.

American Idol finalists: where are they now? Some of them have gotten into the service industry, and are slinging drinks at New York City nightspots or delivering wings at Hooters. Others are putting those golden pipes to use by working as vocal coaches. And one of these former Idol favorites has spent time as a Subway Sandwich Artist. Ready to learn more about American Idol contestants after the show? Keep reading to discover the totally normal jobs they went back to.