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A list of the top rated American Indian novels. These are the best American Indian culture books and most popular American Indian heritage novels. This list of top ten American Indian novels can be sorted by any column and can be copied to start your list of American Indian books. Just like Indian American actors, these authors bring their culture into American culture through the arts. Source: Information Please Database
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Ceremony is a novel by Native American writer Leslie Marmon Silko, first published by Penguin in March 1977. The title Ceremony is based upon the oral traditions and ceremonial practices of the Navajo and pueblo people. ...more on Wikipedia

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Flight is a novel written by Sherman Alexie. It is written in the first-person, from the viewpoint of a Native American teenager who calls himself Zits, "a time traveling mass murderer." Zits is a foster child, having spent the majority of his life moving from one negative or abusive family experience to another. His friend, Justice, introduces Zits to a new way of thinking, and to the idea of committing random violence. Just in the middle of one of these incidents, Zits is thrust into the body of a stranger—which would become the first of many similar incidents. The story confronts Zits' feelings of vulnerability as a misunderstood teenager, orphan, and as a Native American person. ...more on Wikipedia

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House Made of Dawn is a novel by N. Scott Momaday, widely credited as leading the way for the breakthrough of Native American literature into the mainstream. It was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1969, and has also been noted for its significance in Native American Anthropology. ...more on Wikipedia

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