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16 American Institutions Infiltrated By the Illuminati

The Illuminati are said to have infiltrated every aspect of American civilian life, from the White House to your local police department. Defense, intelligence, research, and civil agencies are all under the sway of the All Seeing Eye, using their power to advance the aims of the Dark Cabal in control of the U.S. government. In the United States, Illuminati influence is stronger than ever. Do you wonder if there's Illuminati in the White house, the Pentagon, or other United States institutions? Have you asked if the president is Illuminati? You're not alone. 

Here are 16 American institutions that have (allegedly) been infiltrated by the Illuminati. Some operate in the shadows, others are on your nightly news every night. All are to be viewed with extreme suspicion, for they have important roles to play when the great population purge ushers in the New World Order. It's time to find out the true power of the Illuminati in America. 
  • Photo: sanjitbakshi / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
    The UN is seen by Illuminati believers as the global arm of the cabal. Through UN resolutions, plans, and conferences, the cabal develops new methods of repression, economic chicanery, and making money off sham wars. They hammer out their designs for population culling and mass enslavement under the guise of world leaders meeting to create a better place for everyone. As such, the Secretary General of the U.S. wields enormous power. 
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    One common aspect of Illuminati conspiracy theories involves the cabal using the IRS as the money collecting arm of their activities. Many don’t believe the IRS has constitutional legitimacy, because the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which provided for the collection of taxes, was never actually ratified. This would mean all income tax collection is illegal and that the only reason the IRS has power is because of the Illuminati. These theories do not have historical legitimacy.
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    Many senators and representatives have also been linked to the Illuminati. They write and pass the laws that the cabal-linked president signs, giving the sheeple the illusion of a functioning government. According to the popular conspiracy website, Rense, “these criminal acts are still going because all 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen work together for the Illuminati and all of them are in on it."
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    The "Fed" is thought to be under heavy Illuminati control, tasked with setting a monetary policy that benefits the aims of the cabal. Conspiratorial links to “European bankers” are as old as the Illuminati itself, and it’s believed that the Fed is simply the American arm of these ancient banking families. The Illuminati are thought to have orchestrated every financial panic, recession, and depression, including the most recent housing crisis in order to grow their profits.