American Movies That Will Never Be Shown in China

Censorship in China is mandated by the Communist Party. The governing party can censor any form of media - films, television, literature, etc.-  in order to maintain a certain level of control over its citizens. China is also the world’s second largest movie market. So if a movie can’t make it past the Chinese censors, that means millions of dollars of lost revenue for the film studio. Unfortunately for Chinese people, it also means they miss out on some of the world's best cinematic offerings, including the ones on this list of great American movies banned in China.

In terms of Chinese censorship, there are few countries in the world with stricter policies. There are a plethora of reasons why movies are banned in China. Some reasons are pretty obvious. They’re clearly not going to allow any movie that negatively depicts the Chinese Government, but how about something as seemingly innocent as time travel? Yes, all movies that depict time travel, like Back to the Future, are censored.

Any media that blends live action with animation is also banned. Films depicting homosexual romances will never hit the Chinese silver screen. Movies that are deemed too violent or gratuitous, or contain too much nudity are also off limits to Chinese citizens.

This is only a short list of films banned in China, but they are some of the best. Make your voice heard, vote up your favorite movies banned in China.