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American Politicians (Allegedly) In The Illuminati

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Virtually every American president, vice president, presidential candidate, and high-level governor or senator is alleged to have some link to the Illuminati. Whether they're a puppet of the cabal or a powerful decision-maker, every one was placed into their position by the Illuminati to advance the group's goals of making more money and consolidating their power.

Here is a list of the most important Illuminati members that have attained prestige and influence in American politics and government-based economics. There are many others, but these are the most important. When it comes to Illuminati politics, there may be no end to their power.

From Barack Obama to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Illuminati members in politics come from all eras and all political parties. Allegedly, the Illuminati has had their hand in elections, appointments, and almost all other aspects of government in America. What other Illuminati conspiracies involve American politicians?  Which of your favorite elected officials might actually American Illuminati politicians? Read through the list of Illuminati in politics to find out.
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    Another U.S. President suspected of being a powerful member of the Illuminati, Reagan was instrumental in supporting the military industrial complex through his acceleration of the Cold War, as well as invading several small countries and implanting microchips in American citizens.

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    An extremely high-ranking Illuminati member, Clinton is thought to have personally killed hundreds of people to stay in power. He has also allegedly been involved in numerous conspiracies. According to NWOtoday, Clinton is “a member of the Skull and Bones Society, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Rhodes Scholars, and the CFR.”

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  • Selected by the Illuminati to ramp up the Vietnam War, Nixon also signed legislation dividing the U.S. into ten federal districts for taxation purposes and appointed many cabal members to key government positions. It’s believed that the Illuminati later turned on him, resulting in the Watergate scandal.

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    Gore is thought by some to be a major part of the Illuminati’s global warming hoax scheme to make money through green technology. As Vice President, he would have had serious cabal connections and has since turned his environmental crusading into a lucrative second career.

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