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15 Things You Didn't Know About the American Version of The Ring

Updated 13 Oct 2018 25.4k views15 items

In 2002, the words “seven days” became one of the most frightening phrases in the English language, and it was all thanks to Gore Verbinski. Yes, the director of MouseHunt also directed one of the most disturbing horror films of the 2000s, The Ring. What could have simply been a quickie knock-off of a Japanese horror film became a movie sensation, spawning two more films and a fear of unmarked VHS tapes among people of all ages. But what about The Ring behind the scenes? Was it as spooky to make the film as it is to watch it? Did Verbinski go out of his way to make sure the film wasn’t just The Ring US, or did he luck into his terrifying masterwork? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

The Ring remake launched a series of J-Horror remakes that followed the playbook of making surreal films with spooky children, but none of them had the loose, dreamlike psychological terror that’s inherent in Verbinski’s The Ring. As you’ll learn while reading The Ring trivia, the director made sure that he disconnected his version of the film from the original movie but made sure to maintain the unnerving visual presence of menace that makes the original film so terrifying. By creating his own surreal visual palette, Verbinski was able to parallel the story of the original film while making something that was wholly his own. After you finish reading these crazy facts you didn’t know about the American version of The Ring, make sure you pass it on to some friends, you never know what could happen in seven days. 

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