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Live-Action American Versions Of Famous Anime Characters

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When Hollywood decides to tackle live-action versions of anime characters, their decisions usually produce a combination of eye rolling, questions, and several face-palms. The anime characters in live-action American movies are much beloved by both domestic and international fans, headlining some of the most popular franchises in the anime community. Yet the pattern of American actors playing Asian characters rarely goes over well, especially with a community as dedicated to consistency as the anime community. While most of the films emerging from the Hollywood treatment are disappointments, whitewashing controversies being only the tip of the iceberg, a few have yet to be seen.

The Netflix adaptation of Death Note, which relocates the story to America, has fans anxiously waiting to see how the streaming service will handle the critically acclaimed series. A few American live-action films draw inspiration from manga or light novels, such as Edge of Tomorrow (All You Need Is Kill) and Oldboy, which don’t have anime adaptations just yet but have garnered loyal audiences. Hopefully, any upcoming live-action films can learn from the mistakes of the worst live-action adaptations that came before them.