Americans Summarize Their State In One Sentence

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Every state has an official nickname, but when Americans summarize their state in one sentence, they often get a bit snarkier than those government-approved mottos. These funny one-sentence descriptions of states vary from ridiculing high taxes to really, really underselling a place as a vacation spot. When Redditors describe their states, they don't hold back.

Some of the phrases that Redditors came up with are right on the nose, while others seem like inside jokes to fellow residents. Still, most of these seem more fitting than what states come up with to describe themselves. What does "The Show Me State" mean anyway, Missouri? These Redditors' slogans are as funny as they are painfully true – just don't expect to see them on the US state flags anytime soon.

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    California Buyers Beware

    From falgony:

    "California: 8th largest economy in the world but if you want to buy a house, f*ck you."

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    Wisconsin Has Beef

    From xueimel:


    It's too cold to be sober.

    Really though: We like our beer, cheese, and football team as much as we hate Illinois (rather a lot)."

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    At Least Ohio Is Important Sometimes

    From MidwestBatManuel:

    "Ohio. We only matter once every four years."

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    A New Jersey Welcome

    From BishopWicked:

    "New Jersey: Hope you like traffic, motherf*cker."