Who Is America's Boyfriend in 2016?

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America's BF is the fun, nice guy that you just can't get enough of in 2016. We're basically dating him, as a country.

What does America's boyfriend even mean? You know, he's the sweet, good-looking leading man (or hot new male celeb taking Hollywood by storm) that none of us can resist? But before we go all sister-wives on our new love interest, we have to decide who deserves the honor. So who do you think should be America's BF in 2016?

We all want the “dream guy” – charming, funny, super-hot. It's safe to say all the celebs on this list – from actors and singers to media moguls definitely meet the criteria. But which one is just a little bit better than the rest? It's an impossible choice, but someone has to make it. And that someone is you.

Of course the most well-liked male celebrities in Hollywood made the list, including Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Chris Pratt, Ryan Reynolds, and Ryan Gosling. Those dudes could literally charm America’s pants off. Then there are some of the more off-beat characters like Paul Rudd and Adam DeVine, and even some wildcards you know you secretly lust after (ahem, Kevin Spacey). Don’t see a guy you think should be America’s boyfriend 2016 on the list? Then please add him.

Who is America's boyfriend 2016? It’s time to vote up (or add) the lovable male celebrities you want to bring home to meet the family. Then, see who is America's boyfriend in 2019.

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